pop-up card pond dancers

This card was intended for a thank-you note. It's much larger than any reasonable thank you card has a right to be. The thing is, it started out as a sketch to test. But then I kept going with the sketches and somewhere along the line decided to use the sketches for the final thing. Good enough. Problem is, the scale was entirely wrong. I couldn't be arsked to start from the beginning and resize everything just to make a properly sized card. That's just the way I roll. It's part of what makes me so freak'n odd.

I can't find my eraser. Man, I hate looking for things. The pencils have erasers but I don't like them. Therefore, I left all the construction lines where they happened. Now that really does add to the whole sketchy effect, a certain sloppy carelessness. The absence of labored professionalism sort of characterizes my style, and I don't care. It has the advantage to the receiver, if they're interested, of hinting at how the thing came about. People probably think I'm a loon -- "He could do so well if he would just finish things."

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