... ♫ roasting in ♪ a closed elec♩tric ♬ oven ...

Chestnuts explode. I did not know this. They sound like a gun going off in your oven. Not like popcorn. It makes a huge mess. This is going to take some oven cleaner. The thing is, it didn't alarm me. I thought it was a little bit funny. I was just going to go ahead and let them explode but eventually it got to be too much. I was risking someone calling the cops. But then I was afraid to cover them or to open the oven door and take them out. It was a problem there for a few minutes. Anyway, they're delicious.

Eventually, I check the internet [ +chestnut +explode ] Sure enough. You're supposed to puncture them. Did not know that.

Live and learn, eh?

Exploded mess sticks to sides, back and top of oven

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