hummus on Romaine

Three splotches of tahini. The first one I made from sesame seeds with their husks. Heated until they smoked. Blended. The husks kept absorbing the oil and water I added, so I accepted its texture and stopped adding in order to not dilute the taste any further. Also added lecithin so the ingredients wouldn't separate, like the two store-bought tahini. My home-made, with husk tahini is 100% superior to the store bought samples. All three went into the the humus

Humus ingredients including extraneous jalapeƱo peppers

Nearly forgot garlic. Daubed it with water and microwaved for about 40 seconds. When I opened the microwave door, BLAM! my face was hit with garlic fog. [Note to self: don't do that again.] This was to get rid of raw garlic taste and develop some degree of garlicy complexity.

Blended. Woot! I love playing with the immersion blender.

Added balcony tomatoes, because let's face it, I gotta do
something with 'em.

This is important ! Wouldn't do to blast out the windows or drive away friends and loved ones, now would it? Chickpeas are beans, after all.

You can cut back on calories, if you're so inclined by using green vegetables, say lettuce or celery, instead of crackers, bread, peta, tortilla, or chips and avoid unnecessary carbohydrates that readily turn to stored body fat. This plate is high protein, very satisfying, and 100% within the Zone™.

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