roasted chickens

Chicken broth time again. That's what it's all about, that, and the fun of it.

and by the way,

merely as byproduct,

One ends up with  chicken bits in quantity to have for lunch in large pieces, to put into salads, drop in miso soup, add some noodles to, create a pie around, to eat eat straight from the freezer piled on a plate in those moments when you're too lazy to bother with anything civilized, to roll into an omelet, grind into a burger, load into a taco shell, mix with some humus, stick in a sandwich, perch on top of a wad of sushi rice and wrap up with nori, mix into a stir fry, spice heavily into gyros, saute with some wine, combine with some mushrooms, hide in raviolis, blend into chili, insert into tamales, whip into dip, dump into a bowl of  corn flakes. OK, maybe not that last one.

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