shrimp and pasta

I made a mistake common to first year CIA students, and by CIA I mean Culinary Institute of America and not Central Intelligence Agency, because Intelligence people aren't expected to be able to produce anything complicated as a decent pasta dish. Ha ha ha, I jest, I jest.

The thing is this was too salty to enjoy so I didn't finish it, which is a shame because this is the first time in weeks I treated myself to pasta. I forgot using the pasta water to produce a sauce, then simmering it down to concentrate the flavor would also concentrate the salt originally used to boil the pasta.


I boiled the shrimp shells because so much of the shrimp flavor is in the shells. To boil pasta, initially add sufficient salt to make the water taste like sea water, without the fish poo, dead things, flotsam, etc., of course, but with less salt than that if you intend to concentrate the liquid later for a sauce.

The olives were pretty salty too.

That left me picking through the bowl for tomato and shrimp pieces.

Other than all that, it was excellent and I recommend it for a quick and satisfying meal.

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