smoked salmon salad

Cold, on a little bitty salad plate. Starting to see a theme here? Homemade mayonnaise dressing, the third attempt, and positively brilliant! I heart making that stuff. Presently, it's one of my favorite things. The way it thickens in seconds is just so chemical-reactionly stunning. It's become my favorite sauce and condiment. No more mixing mustard to commercial mayonnaise for me, no sirree. Goes with everything imaginable. I opened a tray of shrimp, the kind that's peeled and deveined and arranged in rows intended for a party. I didn't realize it came with a little tub of the
red menace. I nearly threw it out on impulse. Why would I use that stink'n crap when I have my own beautiful brilliant sauce? Who knows what they put in there? I decided to keep it around for awhile just to see if I ever might use it, on a dare, but it did give me the idea to add horseradish.

You know, you really can't go wrong by smoking a metric ton of Pacific salmon. It pretty much guarantees your federally recommended monthly allowance of those important Omega 3s. Expect to see a lot more on how to get rid of, check that, creatively use a batch prepared in advance. Is that redundant, prepared in advance?
Concocted in advance. And carefully stored -- to promote good snacking habits.

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