salmon frittata

It occurred to me yesterday while making the salmon soufflé with lemon sauce that the whole thing would be a lot easier and faster in frittata form and better with a touch of sugar in the lemon sauce. Behold, the Pacific salmon frittata presented as a puffy omelet. Started on the stovetop and finished under the broiler. Warning to the wise, and if not to the wise then at least to the cautious, careful with that broiler. There's only one setting -- high -- so adjust the shelf as necessary, or risk your frittata going all splody and smokey on you. Plus salmon is such a tender flesh, it only needs a minute. The butter / lemon sauce with capers and a scant trace of sugar thickened with corn starch is outstanding, tart, salty, sweet, all at once, ginger, garlic, and fennel from the ceviche liquid, nom nom nom nom nom burp nom nom nom. What can I say? You might prefer something a little more yellow.

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