Denver sourdough

Denver sourdough loaves
Denver sourdough sliced

Baked using the Jim Lahey's no-knead method developed at his Sullivan Street Bakery, NYC popularized by NYT.

Of course extended fermentation is itself a form of kneading as is stretching which redistributes yeast and puts it in contact with refreshed partners, but we will not quibble here. What is meant is that there's not prolonged exertion of the dough in the usual way to develop gluten in the dough. This method relies on an exceedingly wet sticky dough and an enclosed baking vessel, a tight oven, as it were, within an exceedingly hot oven, allowing the wet dough to retain its moisture and stretch to maximum extension before setting. The lid is removed to finish. All this in a fierce rocket-hot oven. Aim fans on your fire alarms because there's going to be some smoke.

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