zucchini and tomato

Presently this is my favorite side which in the summer serves for an entire meal, in which I am unlikely to ever tire.

The problem with zucchini that I've been served throughout my zucchini-despising life, is it has been overcooked. Bitter old zucchini with seeds cut into boring discs of varying sizes and uneven widths, breaded with an egg drench and dredge, shallow fried to crematory torrification so the result is soggy mono-flavor vegetable. Huck-ptewey

This, OTOH, uses olive oil lightly seasoned with crushed garlic while heating (removed) and muddled fresh rosemary (retained). Crudely chopped white onion, and ordinary button mushrooms added as a stir fry with seedless young zucchini cut into interesting irregular wedges by rolling the vegetable a quarter turn with each cut on a diagonal. All this tossed in the hot oil until
barely cooked through, tomato added at the very end to merely heat quickly removed  before the tomato is cooked.

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