3-D imagry

I saw this photo set within the discussion board on Egyptiandreams.com. I was looking for the meaning of the word setep, which I found, (chosen or to choose) but I also found the discussions there right up my alley so I hung around. Saw these. I emailed the fellow directly to tell him my amazement and he wrote back with instructions on how to do it. Carefully frame a shot. Holding everything constant, step aside and take another shot. You'll notice the two photos in each pair differ slightly. This is what your eyes do, being set apart in your skull. Each eye views the same scene ever so slightly differently then blends the image in your brain. To view these photographs, relax your focus. In my case, I relax until three images appear then focus on the center one. I notice I can see all three in 3-D. It's actually rather startling. Allowing focus to drift back and forth, you may find all three merge into one, all the while maintaining focus on some detail within the image, say a cabinet in the background, looks REALLY in the background. I wish I could find the fellow's name so I could credit him with these. In my view they're brilliant. Too bad. I can find 3-D related emails but none to the person who made these. Apologies for not properly crediting them.

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