By B3ta.com member BlueHaze whose b3ta profile can be viewed here. Scroll to the bottom, his answers to weekly questions are worth a good laugh.

The responses that follow are also interesting. Among the comments is a link to Youtube video of poet Tim Minchin's beat poem titled Storm. It's quite good. Storm is a hippy New Ageist and Minchin is the pragmatist. The link is to the text version. There are other versions that show Minchin on stage, but frankly, his heavy eye liner, disheveled hair, his clothing, and his barefoot presence, in appearance a hippy himself, are all distraction to his message. Ironic, innit.

Other commenters agree the apothecary cabinet in the .jpg above is worth having. (Another brief portion of the comment thread mentions elliptically Prior and Bell. It confuses later commenters, and because confusion of foreigners is the delight, it's rarely kindly answered. The "boo" part of the remark that starts it off hints at sport. Prior and Bell are cricket players so the indecipherable terms that follow in that thread have to do with cricket game televised at the time of the post, "falling in the tail," for example.)

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