Having trouble? Try relaxing your focus. Too controlling by nature to do that? Try focusing beyond the screen. That does the same thing as crossing your eyes, which is ridiculous. I mean, how can you be expected to see something with your eyes crossed?


If focusing slightly beyond the screen doesn't work, try focusing immediately in front of the screen, allowing the images to go slightly out of focus. The way I view the image is to relax my focus allowing it to drift back and forth and permitting my brain to make sense out of it until suddenly BANG there it is, one row atop another row viewed imperfectly but with startling dimension.

This is the grid that I used. The snakes are evenly spaced. At least I tried to space them evenly. The dogs are compressed slightly. The geese are compressed slightly more than the dogs so that there's one more goose than there are snakes and dogs. The result viewed with relaxed focus is the snakes are flat, the dogs elevated above the snakes and the geese above the dogs. I didn't get the spacing of the dogs perfectly correct so they appear slightly stacked instead of all on the same plane. That's fine with me, as long as the geese appear to be on top, which they do. Or they should.

Some people cannot see this. Those people are either severe control freaks in need of psychiatric help or there's something wrong with their eyes. I read that on a stereogram site, and possibly made up part of it.

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