word order, dative

Dative differs from other adverbial phrases in its tendency to follow closely the word that governs it.

scribe reports

Transliteration: smỉ sš sš3 pn n nb•f m niwt in
Translation: reports scribe secret this to lord his in city this
Interpretation: "The scribe reports this secret to his lord in this city."
he sends you

Transliteration: h3b•f ṯw
Translation: sends he you
Interpretation: "He sends you"
the scribe sends you

Transliteration: h3b ṯw sš
Translation: send you scribe
Interpretation: "the scribe sends you."
his son ferries you across

Transliteration: 3 ṯn s3•f
Translation: ferries you his son
Interpretation: "His son ferries you(pl) across." Or "you(pl) ferry his son across."
[tn (you plural) works as either the suffix or the dependent pronoun.

Transliteration: wšb•n•i n•f st
Translation: answered I to him it.
Interpretation: "I answered it to him.
the scribe brings

Transliteration: n n•k st sš
Translation: bring to you it scribe
Interpretation: "The scribe brings it to you."
our good lord

Transliteration: h3b•n n•n nb •n nfr š𐅁t ḥr•s
Translation: sent to us lord our good dispatch about it
Interpretation: "Our good lord sent us a dispatch about it."
how like her

Transliteration: twtwy n•s st
Translation: like her it is
Interpretation: "How like (to) her it is!"
It does not belong to you

Transliteration: nn n•k st
Translation: not to you it
Interpretation: "It's not yours."
good day to you

Transliteration: w n•k hrw nfr
Translation: it is to you day good
Interpretation: "The holiday is thine." Or " It is a good day to you."
he is mine

Transliteration: ỉw•f n•ỉ
Translation: is he to me
Interpretation: "He's mine."
When the subject or object is a pronoun and when the preposition n governs a suffix-pronoun to form a dative case, the word order is modified. The rule is a noun must not precede a pronoun and the dependent pronoun must not precede a suffix.

I wrote the above sentence twelve times. Once for each card I drew these exercises and now here. I'm afraid now that I wouldn't be able to forget that if I wanted to.

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