penguin pop-up card

This is a one-page pop-up card for my brother.

Penguins do not climb trees, nor do they build nests, as far as I know. Penguins do not feed their young pies, as far as I know. I think that penguins have only one chick at a time, but I could be wrong. With that in mind, then, here is a penguin feeding a pie to its multiple young in a nest that is in a tree. So this card is absurdly wrong. It's intended to amuse, not to instruct.

The adult penguin is attached to a crimp that tilts a full 90º, which is a lot of tilting action for a pop-up card. I would have preferred less movement in this case, but I just dealt with it.

The baby chicks are attached to a separate mechanism that pops them up from within their nest to meet the pie that is being fed to them.

The cover is a simple ink sketch of a single penguin with touches of orange glued directly to the front of the card. An envelope is made to fit.

I must admit this card is a bit of a cop out, but don't tell my brother or he'll think I don't love him. The fact is, I had all sorts of penguin-related ideas. The struggle for supremacy at the Southern Hemisphere, battles with other species, all kinds of ridiculous anthropomorphisms, lines of penguins holding pies forward with their flappers, a penguin pie bakery, penguin pies with fish in them, those sorts of things, but I only had the enthusiasm to crank out one page.

The idea was inspired by Sophie and David Pelham's Counting Creatures, the number 13 "thrushes". It is a companion book to A is for Animals. It says right there in the book that all rights are reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form, and here I am copying their idea. Does that make me bad? I feel guilty, but I am grateful to them for showing me a new mechanism. The two books are really quite good. You should buy them, unless you're under 3 years. It says so right there in English and in French that the books are unsuitable for children under 3 years. I think that's wrong. People on Amazon say their one year old and their two year old children love these two books, and I sure can see why. I love them too. So what if they tear them up. What, do expect them to last forever? Besides, that's how people learn. They can always be glued back.

penguin pop up 1

penguin pop up 2

penguin pop up 3

penguin pop up 4

penguin pop up 5

penguin pop up 6

penguin pop up 8

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penguin pop up 10

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