cod, potato, sauce

As food stylists-types, can we talk?

My mistake was at plating when I decided to pour the sauce over the potato. I thought it would re-moisten the potato slices then all slide off, but it didn't slide off. Instead it obscured the detail of the potato and melded the potato into the sauce. So instead of three layers there are two layers that look like an indistinct blob of potato is rising from the sauce and sporting a crusty tam.

I visualized three distinct layers similar in color but each with distinct textural detail. I would make light creep around the subject to make white fish, white potatoes, white sauce, look sexy.

* The top layer of cod is rough dry Panko.
* The middle is moist sliced potato with the skin still on, stacked, as a platform for the cod and a raft upon the sauce.
* Bottom is a pool of sauce studded with contrasting bits like capers.
* Finishing herb would be compressed like a little bush somewhere within the miniature mise en scene.

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