hummingbird feeder #3

You are a hummingbird. You've examined it from afar and nearly near. It doesn't move. It seems reasonable. It just sits there and offers itself. 

Let's go in for a closer look. Always wary, could be a trap.


Come in for a landing

And have a sip

Them balls is mesmerizing 

And the bubbles is making me thirsty


A comfortable seat is provided exhausted hummingbirds. 

I'm assuming they're exhausted. They are migrating but just starting out, it's not like they just crossed the Gulf of Mexico, and they're eating all along the way, look, their little wings are flapping like crazy, they do like to sit. It makes sense.  

We hummingbird feeder artists use palettes just as fine art painters do. This is a piece of cardboard torn off and used to mix epoxy. The Epoxy is set hard and all the toothpicks are fixed on hard too, like a cardboard porcupine. This may look like a delicious Pop-Tart but eating it would be harmful. 

Each marble is set separately so a small amount of 50/50 epoxy is mixed for each marble. They are held in place temporarily with pieces of tape. The bottle rotated until the bubble stacks are filled. 

update: Adopted, Phoenix Arizona

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