ink bottle

This is an ink bottle probably a little larger than actual size, four inches total, found in a hole in England.

Dating from the 1890, which is like a century, blown glass, BIM, the bottle people call it, for blown in mold. . 

Bare, Morecambe Bay, United Kingdom according to eBay description page whence these photos, a dreary place, the bay, according to Google images, but thank you for digging up this bottle I do appreciate all the digging. 

This is the hole.

Anyway it will make a super hummingbird feeder. I think.

For the wayward wandering hummingbird during migration, not for a steadily active hummingbird area. It would be too small for that.

But this is the ink bottle that I've been waiting for and had to out-bid other people for, sorry to disappoint them, but I needed this unique bottle for this specific thing. 

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Jim in St Louis said...

"found in a hole in England"

Do you suppose it is an old privy? Here in town they sometimes dig up old privies and excavate some very interesting things that people just chucked down there 100 years ago.

I like the ink bottle much better than the other blueish one with the curved neck- that one seems sort of lady part looking.