hummingbird feeder #8

The back of the flower needs to be painted. 

My intention was to keep on loading it ridiculously, to overlap things but you have to stop somewhere. 

It's a little bit steampunk. 

The marbles on the side represent a steam leak. 


The back of the flower is painted and a few extra gimcrack attachments epoxied on. 

I'm glad I ruined this watch for this feeder. It's a ridiculous waste but I don't care. It had a perfectly good leather band I had to cut off and  clumsily nipped off the things that hold on the band. There are two more like this I can tear apart to get at the gears.

I kept thinking of the tubes on the Borg that go from the chest to the neck and head, they're not steampunk, but they have the idea of attachments, so I wasn't satisfied until I put something on top

Back of the watch.

This is like a swirly badge with a line coming out of the center that plugs into another square and vaguely follows parallel lines were it not so clumsy and were it more mathematical. 

So now it looks like this.

update: Adopted. Denver Colorado

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Jim in St Louis said...

Ah the sordid topic of coin.....

I very much admire this piece and would like to tender an offer of remuneration for acquiring it.

Hey kid- wanna make a few bucks?