hummingbird feeder #9

So that's that.

This is construction

Rice vinegar bottle.

The glass fish are from eBay, quite cheap at the time of writing. China. I wonder about that, I visualize slave children making elaborate glass fish. These were the most simple I saw. There was an extensive selection.  Other glass fish are too fancy. Try it and see what happens, eBay search [glass fish] organize results to show cheapest first, these are near the top.  I preferred smaller realistic looking fish for my fantasy feeder but this is the best I could do at the time. It would wreck the insanity of fish circling in midair if the fish are cartoonish by already being outlandish.

This is the most ridiculous feeder so far. Most improbable, most structurally unsound.  It is completely unreliable. It would not make a good gift, unless it came with tubes of epoxy. 

For myself, it is too dangerous to be put at the edge of the balcony. So far three pieces have fallen off and been repaired already during construction. I ran hot soapy water over it and two pieces loosened. Nobody can put up with that. It will have to go into a solid planter and not a balcony railing basket.  Were a piece to fall off, and it's very likely at least one or two will, it will be an unacceptable hazard to anything below.

But I love it. 

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