Westword Music Festival 2013

Yesterday I was singeing red bell peppers for a peperonata topping for pizza and taking up the hose for the aquarium when the random thought flew threw my cranium, "wonder when the music festival begins," and in the very next second )))clang((( the first noise of aluminum tubes used for kiosk tents. Is that a coincidence or what? 

The musical sounds started about 8:30 am, the tuneups and readying sounds and such, rifts arose and sustained to proper tunes and became sets of distinct styles. 

I've never been partial to country music but one on the bands was such and their music so  compelling it made you want to sing right along so I did, like a dog. Howled like a dog. With the music. It was fun. 

And other sustained riffs following a melody with steady changes to key and steadily increasing rhythm loudness intensity urgency and distortion that it breaks satisfyingly falling back to the original melody and relaxed drive. 

The crowd picked up throughout the day culminating with a straight up beer-fueled proper rave with bouncing chicks and glow sticks and all sorts of child-not-so-friendly revelry. 

We were comped due to the disruption and noise but it does no good when you cannot take in your camera.


Cameras with press passes only. The bands want to control their own imagery.


Fine then. I'll go back over to my own rooftop and do my controlling of their imagery from there.  

"Hey yeah, Dude, right on, if you got a zoom, nothing can stop you from that! Ha ha ha."

And since I am journalist as much as anyone, I reject your precious little guild, I'll be sure to point out to anyone who cares to read it, the bands are collectively assholes for that. 

I am so sick of people telling me I cannot take my camera into public places to public events. Piss on that. When everyone has one with their phones. It's nonsense. 

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