I now realize the value of blue filter. With it you'd see a remarkable double rainbow along with the tornado-level and torrentially raining real live drama of the dynamic clouds that vexed and entertained us and the city that whole day.

The rainbow blew everybody away. It was as if they never saw one before. The magic of it encompassing  the whole place. One man said, "I've never been this close to one."


What an odd thing to say. 

I'm good at photography home in my little setup, but lousy outside of home. I do not know what I'm doing, but I am learning. And now I know about blue filter.

This man is a natural born artist, no training at all. Visiting from New York, brother to the bald chef. Crafts. He takes common crafts and parlays his natural talent to support himself. He created Curt's Critters, tiny colored clay jewelry of anthropomorphized animals, his imagination is endless, taken up by some manufacturer and through machinations beyond his ken he ceded rights to the name and lost control of the project and that company went off and sank. By then he moved onto little angels, Cute Cheeks, figures with pink cheeks, and something amusing referring to their naked butts, another thing he created and sold. I overheard him say, "It went big." and flicked out his hands as if flicking off water, and that was it. Cute Cheeks actually went national through Walgreens. It is still going, I think, I've seen them on e-Bay. Now he's onto these natural material orbs. Some of the orbs are five feet around or so.  

He gave one to Joe for Joe's 80th birthday. Joe lives in Phoenix and not prepared to deal with a delicate hollow object, says he, so gave it to me for safekeeping until he can fetch it. That means now I have this. 

This was half of my task, but no task at all. I'm still getting calls about this salad. In fact, the calls are crossing and messing my phone. It doesn't look like much here, but if you ate one, and if you like blue cheese, then you would never forget having this salad. They keep saying, repeatedly, thanks for doing that, thanks for doing all the work, thanks for all that, thanks the amazing job, thanks for working so hard, thanks... nonsense, no. work. at. all. pleasure in fact. 

I cannot believe how the lens gobbles up this room. None of my other lenses would be able to show the whole thing. This lens makes the room look tiny, believe me, it's not. It is a very large room with two large dogs, a Lab and a Gordon, easily weaving in and out of the chairs while people are sitting, and this looks like a doll house. 

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