"refugee" British sign language to German Austrian sign language

Video clips collected from Spread the Sign. Oddly, American sign language dictionaries do not have the word for "refugee" although some do have the word for "migrant" and "immigration." 

The extended index finger jabbing along side or underneath the palm is our word for "kill." Here, it conveys the sense of "go underneath" 

The bent index finger and thumb, a modified "C" going straight down is the way "person" is conveyed throughout Europe. In English it is the "er" suffix that personifies any noun. The American version for personification "er" suffix is two handed karate chop indicating the trunk of a body. I prefer theirs because it is one handed and I'm lazy. I always prefer a one handed sign over a two handed sign, especially for a suffix. You do see either one a lot. It is a very useful sign. 

British refugee 1

British refugee 2 (same file used for French)

British 3 (same file used for Polish)

Czech refugee

Estonian refugee 1

Estonian refugee 2

French refugee

German Austrian refugee 1

German Austrian refugee 2

German Austrian refugee 3

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