Sunset Nov. 6, 1015

Oh Man, what a bummer. Just as I get my act together the spectacular Western sunsets end for the season. I guess it's going to be this way for now on until next summer. It has something to do with angle and with distance from the sun. From our perspective the sun must illuminate the clouds from oblique angle through the most atmosphere to lay color on the clouds from above then slip underneath them and illuminate from below. In winter there is not enough angle, not enough atmosphere to do that as well. 

This is my new thing. I'll keep at it until the colorful sunsets return and keep doing it to collect great ones. 

The Nikon comes with an infrared remote shutter release that is available for $20.00 on the Nikon site or 5¢ on eBay. It is a button with a diode that activates the camera shutter front or back. The camera also has its own timer that releases the shutter once.

The camera reverts to regular shutter after one minute and shuts down to save battery.

A timer is needed to snap the shutter, to press the Nikon remote, every minute before the camera shuts off. The timers are expensive, a couple hundred dollars, and they get mixed reviews. There must be an app for this.

And there is! Downloaded an app for the cell phone and boom, camera remote timer for free. Several available in fact. I used the first app that I saw and have no need to look anymore. Other apps can also be a television remote, or universal remote.

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