Double check these. The word list copied/pasted from ASL Pro. Thank you. It's a very useful list.

                          c C 
c_clamp C Clamp 
cab_taxi Cab - Taxi 
cabbage Cabbage 
cabin Cabin 
cabin_area Cabin Area 
cabin_fever Cabin Fever 
cabinet Cabinet 
cable Cable 
cable_car Cable Car 
caboose Caboose 
cactus Cactus 
cadaver Cadaver 
cadaver_refrigeration Cadaver Refrigeration 
cafe Cafe 
cafeteria Cafeteria 
cafeteria_worker_1 Cafeteria Worker - 1 
cafeteria_worker_2 Cafeteria Worker - 2 
cage Cage 
cake Cake 
cake_and_ice_cream Cake And Ice Cream 
cake_decorate Cake Decorate 
cake_decorator Cake Decorator 
cake_server Cake Server 
calculate Calculate 
calculator Calculator 
calculus Calculus 
calendar Calendar 
calf Calf - Baby Cow 
california_1 California - 1 
california_2 California - 2 
caliper_dial Caliper - Dial 
caliper_precision Caliper - Precision 
call Call 
calligraphy_nib Calligraphy Nib 
calligraphy_pen Calligraphy Pen 
calling_in_sick Calling In Sick 
calm Calm 
calorie Calorie 
came Came 
camel Camel 
cameo Cameo 
camera Camera 
cameraman Cameraman 
camp Camp 
camp_and_trailer_site Camp And Trailer Site 
camper_person Camper - Person 
campers_only Campers Only 
campground Campground 
campground_parking Campground Parking 
campground_vehicles_only Campground Vehicles Only 
camping Camping 
can Can - Is Able 
can_opener Can Opener - 1 
can_opener_2 Can Opener - 2 
canada Canada 
canal Canal 
cancel Cancel 
cancer Cancer 
candelabra Candelabra 
candle Candle 
candle_snuffer Candle Snuffer 
candy Candy 
candy_booth Candy Booth 
cane_walking Cane - Walking 
canine_officer Canine Officer 
canister Canister 
canon Cannon 
cannot Cannot 
canoe Canoe 
canoeing Canoeing 
cantalope Cantalope 
canyon Canyon 
cap_bus_driver Cap - Bus Driver 
cap_doorman Cap - Doorman 
cap_hat Cap - Hat 
cap_hat Cap - Hat 
cap_porter Cap - Porter 
cap_skycap Cap - Skycap 
cap Cap - Top Of Container 
capacity Capacity 
capital Capital - Letter 
capitol Capitol 
caplet_medicine Caplet - Medicine 
capsule_medicine Capsule - Medicine 
captain Captain 
caption Caption 
capture Capture 
car Car - 1 
car_2 Car - 2 
car_hood Car Hood 
car_salesman Car Salesman 
car_seat Car Seat - Child 
caramel Caramel 
card_game Card Game 
card_shark Card Shark 
card_table Card Table 
cardiogram Cardiogram 
cardiology Cardiology 
cards Cards 
cards_ace Cards - Ace 
cards_clubs Cards - Clubs 
cards_diamonds Cards - Diamonds 
cards_hearts Cards - Hearts 
cards_jack Cards - Jack 
cards_king Cards - King 
cards_queen Cards - Queen 
cards_spades Cards - Spades 
care Care 
career Career 
careless Careless 
carnival Carnival 
carnival_barker Carnival Barker 
carnival_game Carnival Game 
carnival_midway Carnival Midway 
carnival_test_your_strength Carnival Test Your Strength 
carnival_winner Carnival Winner 
carol Carol 
carousel Carousel 
carousel_horse Carousel Horse 
carpenter Carpenter 
carpentry Carpentry 
carpet Carpet 
carpet_cleaner Carpet Cleaner 
carphone Carphone 
carpool Carpool 
carrot Carrot 
carry Carry 
cars_not_allowed Cars Not Allowed 
cars_ok Cars OK 
cars_only Cars Only 
cart Cart 
carton Carton 
cartoon Cartoon 
carve Carve 
case Case - Carrying Container 
cash Cash 
cashier Cashier 
cassarole Cassarole 
cassette Cassette 
cast_arm Cast - Arm 
castle Castle 
cat Cat 
catalogue Catalogue 
cataract Cataract 
catch Catch 
catch_bridal_bouquet Catch - Bridal Bouquet 
category Category 
caterer Caterer 
caterpillar Caterpillar 
catheterization_lab Catheterization Lab 
catholic Catholic 
catscan Catscan 
catsup Catsup 
cattle Cattle 
cattle_crossing Cattle Crossing 
caucasian Caucasian - Race 
cauliflower Cauliflower 
caulk Caulk 
caulking_gun Caulking Gun 
caulking_nozzle Caulking Nozzle 
cause Cause 
caution Caution 
cave Cave 
cavity_dental Cavity - Dental 
cease Cease 
ceiling Ceiling 
ceiling_fan Ceiling Fan 
celebrate Celebrate 
celery Celery 
cell Cell - Biology - 1 
cell_biology Cell - Biology - 2 
cell_phone Cell Phone 
cellar Cellar 
cement Cement 
cement_block Cement Block 
cement_mixer Cement Mixer 
cement_mixing Cement Mixing 
cement_pouring Cement Pouring 
cement_smoother Cement Smoother 
cement_truck Cement Truck 
cemetary Cemetary 
cent Cent 
center Center 
center_lane_closed Center Lane Closed 
center_lane_only Center Lane Only 
centigrade Centigrade 
centigram Centigram 
centimeter Centimeter 
centipede Centipede 
century Century 
cereal_1 Cereal - 1 
cereal_2 Cereal - 2 
ceremony Ceremony 
certain Certain 
certificate Certificate 
certificate_of_title Certificate Of Title 
certify Certify 
chain Chain 
chain_link Chain Link 
chains_required Chains Required 
chainsaw Chainsaw 
chair Chair 
 chair_director Chair - Director 
 chair_folding Chair - Folding 
 chair_lawn_folding Chair - Folding Lawn 
chair_lawn Chair - Lawn 
chair_loveseat Chair - Loveseat 
chair_recliner Chair - Recliner 
chair_rocking_1 Chair - Rocking - 1 
chair_rocking_2 Chair - Rocking - 2 
chair_stacking Chair - Stacking 
chair_wood Chair - Wood 
chair_lounge Chair _ Lounge 
chalk Chalk 
chalk_and_eraser Chalk And Eraser 
chalkboard Chalkboard 
challenge Challenge 
champion Champion 
chance Chance 
chandelier Chandelier 
change Change 
change_lanes Change Lanes 
channel Channel - Water 
channel_locks Channel Locks 
chant Chant 
chanukkah Chanukkah 
chapel Chapel 
chapter Chapter 
character Character 
charades Charades 
charge Charge - Credit 
charity Charity 
charm Charm 
chart Chart 
chase Chase 
chat Chat 
chatter Chatter 
chauffer Chauffer 
cheap Cheap 
cheat_1 Cheat - 1 
cheat_2 Cheat - 2 
cheat_3 Cheat - 3 
cheating_caught Cheating - Caught 
cheating_on_test Cheating - On Test 
check Check - Verify 
check_in Check In 
checkmark Check Mark 
checkers Checkers 
checking_out_books Checking Out Books 
dental_checkup Checkup - Dental 
checkup_medical Checkup - Medical 
cheek Cheek 
cheer Cheer - Happy 
cheer_team Cheer - Team 
cheerleader Cheerleader 
cheese Cheese 
cheese_grater Cheese Grater 
cheese_slicer Cheese Slicer 
cheetah Cheetah 
chef Chef 
chemist Chemist 
chemistry Chemistry 
chemistry_experiment Chemistry Experiment 
chemistry_flask Chemistry Flask 
chemistry_lab Chemistry Lab 
chemistry_test_tube Chemistry Test Tube 
cherry Cherry 
cherry_picker Cherry Picker 
chess Chess 
chess_player Chess Player 
chest Chest - Anatomy 
chest_of_drawers Chest Of Drawers 
chew Chew 
chewing_tobacco Chewing Tobacco 
chicago Chicago 
chick Chick 
chicken Chicken - Animal 
chicken_eating Chicken - Eating 
chicken_scared Chicken - Scared 
chicken_pox Chicken Pox 
chief Chief - Boss 
child Child 
childcare Childcare 
childcare_education Childcare Education 
children Children 
children_no_running Children - No Running 
children_slow Children - Slow 
children_watch Children - Watch 
children_crossing Children Crossing 
children_playing Children Playing 
children_present Children Present 
chili Chili 
chill Chill 
chime Chime 
chimney Chimney 
chimney_sweep Chimney Sweep 
chin Chin 
china_1 China - Country 
china_hutch China Hutch 
chip Chip 
chipmunk Chipmunk 
chiropractic Chiropractic 
chiropractor Chiropractor 
chisel Chisel 
chisel_wood Chisel - Wood 
chocolate Chocolate 
choice Choice 
choir Choir 
choke Choke 
choking Choking 
choose Choose 
chop Chop 
chord Chord 
chore Chore 
chorus Chorus 
chose Chose 
chosen Chosen 
christ Christ 
christmas_1 Christmas - 1 
christmas_2 Christmas - 2 
chubby Chubby 
chuckle Chuckle 
church Church 
church_wedding Church Wedding 
cider Cider 
cigarette Cigarette 
cinnamon Cinnamon 
circle Circle - Shape 
circle_ahead Circle Ahead 
circuit Circuit 
circular_power_saw_blade Circular Power Saw Blade 
circumstance Circumstance 
circus Circus 
circus_big_top Circus Big Top 
circus_center_ring Circus Center Ring 
circus_ringmaster Circus Ringmaster 
circus_strong_man Circus Strong Man 
citizen Citizen 
city City 
civil Civil 
claim Claim 
clam Clam 
clamp Clamp 
clamp_bar Clamp Bar 
clap Clap 
 clarinet Clarinet 
clash Clash 
class Class - Group 
class_ring Class Ring 
class_schedule Class Schedule 
classroom Classroom 
clause Clause 
claw Claw 
clay Clay 
clean Clean 
cleaners Cleaners 
cleaning_crew Cleaning Crew 
clear Clear 
cleaver_meat Cleaver - Meat 
clerk Clerk 
clever Clever 
client Client 
cliffs Cliffs 
climate Climate 
climax Climax 
climb Climb 
clinic Clinic 
clip Clip 
clipboard Clipboard 
clock Clock 
digital_clock Clock - Digital 
dome_clock Clock - Dome 
clock_grandfather Clock - Grandfather 
clock_mantel Clock - Mantel 
mantel_clock Clock - Mantel 
radio_clock Clock - Radio 
wall_clock Clock - Wall 
close_door Close - Door 
close_near Close - Near 
 closed_caption_1 Closed Caption - 1 
 closed_caption_2 Closed Caption - 2 
closet Closet 
 closet_wardrobe Closet - Wardrobe 
cloth Cloth 
 clothes Clothes 
 clothes_boys Clothes - Boy's 
 clothes_designer Clothes - Designer 
 clothes_fall Clothes - Fall 
 clothes_girls Clothes - Girl's 
 clothes_irregular Clothes - Irregular 
 clothes_mens Clothes - Men's 
 clothes_petite Clothes - Petite 
 clothes_plus_size Clothes - Plus Size 
 clothes_spring Clothes - Spring 
 clothes_summer Clothes - Summer 
 clothes_winter Clothes - Winter 
 clothes_womens Clothes - Women's 
clothes_dryer Clothes Dryer 
 clothes_hanger Clothes Hanger 
clothesline Clothesline 
clothespin Clothespin 
clothier Clothier 
clouds Clouds 
cloudy Cloudy 
clover Clover 
clown Clown 
 clown_face Clown Face 
 clown_gun Clown Gun 
 clown_pants Clown Pants 
 clown_sailor Clown Sailor 
 clown_shoe Clown Shoes 
 clown_trick Clown Trick 
club Club - Organization 
clue Clue 
clumsy Clumsy 
cluster Cluster 
clutch Clutch 
 co2_poisoning CO2 Poisoning 
coach Coach - Person 
coal Coal 
coarse Coarse 
coast Coast 
coat Coat 
coax Coax 
cobbler Cobbler - Person - 1 
cobbler_person Cobbler - Person - 2 
cocoa Cocoa 
coconut Coconut 
cocoon Cocoon 
code Code 
coffee Coffee 
coffee_creamer Coffee Creamer 
coffee_filter Coffee Filter 
coffee_grinder Coffee Grinder 
 coffee_pot Coffee Pot 
cohesive Cohesive 
coin Coin 
coincide Coincide 
coke_1 Coke - 1 
coke_2 Coke - 2 
cold Cold 
cold_front Cold Front 
coldest Coldest 
coleslaw Coleslaw 
collapse Collapse 
collar_animal Collar - Animal 
collar Collar - Shirt 
colleague Colleague 
collect Collect 
college College 
college_application College Application 
college_library College Library 
college_student College Student 
collision Collision 
cologne Cologne 
colony Colony 
color Color 
colorado_1 Colorado - 1 
colorado_2 Colorado - 2 
coloring_book Coloring Book 
colt Colt 
column Column 
comb_noun Comb - Noun 
comb Comb - Verb 
combination_square Combination Square 
combine Combine 
come Come 
comfort Comfort 
comic Comic 
comma Comma 
command Command 
commandment Commandment 
commence Commence 
commerce Commerce 
commercial Commercial 
commission Commission 
commit Commit 
committee Committee 
common Common 
communicate Communicate 
communion Communion 
communist Communist 
community Community 
commute Commute 
compact Compact - Compress 
compact_makeup Compact - Makeup 
company Company 
compare Compare 
compass Compass 
compassion Compassion 
compel Compel 
compete Compete 
competent Competent 
complain Complain 
 complete_1 Complete - 1 
 complete_2 Complete - 2 
complex Complex 
complicate Complicate 
compliment Compliment 
compose Compose 
compound Compound 
comprehend Comprehend 
compromise Compromise 
 compulsion Compulsion 
compute Compute 
computer Computer 
computer_artist Computer Artist 
computer_lab Computer Lab 
 computer_operator Computer Operator 
computer_student Computer Student 
computer_technician Computer Technician 
con_ Con - Against 
conceal Conceal 
concede Concede 
conceit Conceit 
concentrate Concentrate - 1 
concentration Concentrate - 2 
concept Concept 
concern Concern 
concessions Concessions 
concrete Concrete 
concussion Concussion 
condense Condense 
condition Condition 
condom Condom 
condominium Condominium 
conduct Conduct - Behavior 
conductor_musical Conductor - Musical 
cone Cone 
confederate Confederate 
confession_a Confession - 1 
confession_b Confession - 2 
confetti Confetti 
confident Confident 
confirm Confirm 
conflict Conflict 
confront Confront 
confuse Confuse 
congratulate Congratulate 
congratulations Congratulations 
congress Congress 
congressman Congressman 
conjunction Conjunction 
connect Connect 
connecticut Connecticut 
conquer Conquer 
conscience Conscience 
conscious Conscious 
consequences Consequences 
conserve Conserve 
consider Consider 
consistent Consistent 
console Console - Verb 
consonant Consonant 
constant Constant 
constellation Constellation 
constipate Constipate 
constipation Constipation 
constitute Constitute 
construct Construct 
 construction Construction 
construction_accident Construction Accident 
construction_ahead Construction Ahead 
construction_end Construction End 
construction_equipment Construction Equipment 
construction_sign Construction Sign 
construction_site Construction Site 
construction_trailer Construction Trailer 
construction_vehicles Construction Vehicles 
construction_worker Construction Worker 
construction_zone Construction Zone 
consult Consult 
consultant Consultant 
consume Consume 
contact Contact - Touch 
contact_lens Contact Lens 
contagious Contagious 
contain Contain 
container Container 
content Content 
contest Contest 
continent Continent 
continue Continue 
contour Contour 
contract Contract 
contractor Contractor 
contrast Contrast 
contribute Contribute 
control Control 
controversy Controversy 
convene Convene 
convenient Convenient 
convention Convention 
converse Converse - Conversation 
convert Convert 
convince Convince 
cook Cook - Verb 
cookie Cookie 
cookie_cutter Cookie Cutter 
cookie_jar Cookie Jar 
cookie_sheet Cookie Sheet 
cooking_show_host Cooking Show Host 
cool Cool 
cooperate Cooperate 
copper Copper 
copy Copy 
coral Coral 
cord Cord - String 
corduroy Corduroy 
core Core - Center 
cork Cork 
corkscrew Corkscrew 
corn_a Corn - 1 
corn_b Corn - 2 
corn_dog Corn Dog 
corner Corner 
correct Correct - Right 
correlate Correlate 
correspond Correspond - Match 
corsage Corsage 
cosmetic Cosmetic 
cosmetic_surgery Cosmetic Surgery 
cost Cost 
costume Costume 
cotter_pin Cotter Pin 
cotton Cotton 
cotton_candy Cotton Candy 
cotton_swab Cotton Swab 
couch Couch - Furniture 
cougar Cougar 
cough Cough 
could Could 
council Council 
counsel Counsel 
count Count 
counter Counter 
country Country 
county County 
county_fair County Fair 
couple Couple - Two 
coupon Coupon 
courage Courage 
courier Courier 
course Course - Educational 
court Court - Judicial 
court_reporter Court Reporter 
courtesy Courtesy 
cousin_female Cousin - Female 
cousin_male Cousin - Male 
cove Cove 
 coveralls Coveralls 
cow Cow 
coward Coward 
cozy Cozy 
cpr CPR 
crab Crab 
crack Crack 
cracker Cracker 
cracker_jack Cracker Jack - Excellent 
cradle Cradle 
craft Craft - Art 
crane Crane - Machine 
crane_operator Crane Operator 
crank Crank 
crash Crash 
crash_test_dummy Crash Test Dummy 
crate Crate 
crawl Crawl 
crayon Crayon 
craze Craze 
cream Cream 
create Create 
credential Credential 
credit Credit - Recognition 
creek Creek 
creep Creep 
crew Crew 
crib Crib - Baby Bed 
cricket Cricket 
cried Cried 
crime Crime 
cripple Cripple 
crisis Crisis 
criteria Criteria 
critic Critic 
crochet Crochet 
crockpot Crockpot 
crocodile Crocodile 
croissant Croissant 
crooked Crooked 
crop Crop - Harvest 
 crop_top Crop Top 
cross Cross - Religious 
crossing_ahead Crossing Ahead 
crossing_guard Crossing Guard 
crossing_not_allowed Crossing Not Allowed 
 crossroads Crossroads 
 crosswalk Crosswalk 
crosswind Crosswind 
crossword_puzzle Crossword Puzzle 
crow Crow - Bird 
crowd Crowd 
crown Crown 
crucify Crucify 
cruel Cruel 
cruise_ship Cruise Ship 
crumb Crumb 
crumble Crumble 
crunch Crunch 
crusade Crusade 
crush Crush 
crust Crust 
crutch Crutch 
cry Cry 
crystal Crystal 
 crystal_ball Crystal Ball 
cub_bear Cub - Bear 
cube Cube 
cuckoo_clock Cuckoo Clock 
cucumber Cucumber 
cuff Cuff 
 cufflink Cufflink 
culture Culture 
cup Cup - Small Container 
cupboard Cupboard 
 cupcake Cupcake 
cupid Cupid 
curb Curb 
cure Cure 
curious Curious 
curl Curl 
 curling_iron Curling Iron 
current Current - Electric 
curse_1 Curse - 1 
curse_2 Curse - 2 
curtain Curtain 
curve Curve 
cushion Cushion 
custard Custard 
custody Custody 
custom Custom 
cut Cut 
cute Cute 
cutting_tool Cutting Tool 
cycle Cycle 
cyclone Cyclone 
cylinder Cylinder 
cymbal Cymbal 


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