terrace, August, 2016

View from ground level. 

Much smaller this year. Late start. Slow progress. Planters not loaded and several unused planters. Will end early. There are 4 railing planters, a bit more to the side. A few large pots with small undeveloped plants. A lot of things simply did not take. It's weird. There are as many morning glories planted in the railing planters as there are growing up the railing but they all failed to develop. Their roots do not like so much air, I guess. 

This is the 5th floor. It gets very windy some times. They do take a lot of abuse. 

The caladium in the copper bowl are planted in a bonsai tray set inside the bowl. Those were tiny nodes that I almost threw away. They looked like useless junk but I planted them anyway, and they grew. I'll do better next year. 

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