terrace garden 2017

This is the halfway point. 

The vines are Morning Glories and they haven't started blooming yet. When they do, the entire railing will be covered with vines and with violet blooms. 

Their blooms last a day. Every day a new batch of blooms. By the end of the season when all blooms and vines are dead and dried and brittle then each dead bloom produces four rather large seeds. The seeds germinate in two days and new vines begin immediately. They are an invasive species. 

These vines are from seeds collected last year, just a small handful from a whole cereal bowl full. The extra seeds were given away to several people and the rest, most actually, spread randomly around the whole neighborhood. They're growing too to various degrees of success. They're fun!

Most of the colorful heart-shaped foliage in bizarre patterns and broad range of colors and sizes are caladiums. This is the third year I planted them and through mistakes I only just now understand how to plant the rhizomes, which side is up and how deeply. 

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