pop-up card, snake coiling around a branch

The following photographs show the second prototype of two snakes coiling around two branches. I went farther than the photographs show until abandoning it for being too clunky and too overloaded and with too many separate parts interfering with each other. 

Then the photographs continue with the final card but not its construction. One snake and one branch. 

The card is a bit of a cop out. I ran out of time and mailed what I had. I'd prefer something with more dimensionality, something that actually pops up. All this does is five discs rotate slightly. Drawn to resemble snakes and disguised behind leaves. It really does look like a coiling snake as they all rotate when the card is opened and closed.

The mechanism relies on odd paper rivets. 

Metal notebook paper clamps can be used instead but we pop-up dudes have a peculiar papercentric conceit.

I hope my nephew likes this. My left biceps brachii hurt from making it. From sitting there at the table all day smashing a ruler onto the paper and table to cut straight lines and precise holes with an X-acto knife. My arm stayed sore the whole next day.

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