vinaigrette table

The most simple vinaigrette is oil and vinegar. It confounds me why restaurants put their cheapest oil and vinegar into their cruets as if their customers will not notice. Although it is perfectly understandable, from a cost of production point of view, why commercial producers believe they can hide it with obfuscating flavors. To help you get started making your own vinaigrettes, marinades, and sauces, choose wisely one or more item from this starter chart, and elaborate on your own from here using the imagination God gave you, with help from your genetic line, and with ingredients you keep on hand.

oil acid enhancement
canola red wine vinegar basil
corn white wine vinegar mint
vegetable apple cider vinegar oregano
olive rice vinegar (mildest) tarragon
peanut Champaign vinegar thyme
walnut plain distilled
vinegar (harshest)
sesame balsamic vinegar
safflower flavored vinegars ovacado
sunflower infused vinegars sesame oil
avocado malt vinegar hot sauce
almond sherry vinegar pepper flakes
apricot kernel lime juice salt / pepper
grape seed grapefruit juice egg (cooked or whipped)
soybean orange juice garlic in all its glorious forms
tomato juice ginger in all its glorious forms
soy sauce
artichoke hearts
pine nuts
sesame seeds
grated cheese
apple sauce
the whole world of mustard

Obviously this cannot be a complete list. I'll no doubt think of something wildly obvious as soon as I hit "publish," as you will upon scanning it. Provided here merely to assist your resolve in ridding your household of those dreadful bottles and convenience mix packages of dubious contents.

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