oatmeal and egg

This is one of three dishes that I ate fairly religiously every day for breakfast for the last month, and some days even twice as for a late-night snack. It is one of three g0-to meals that I attribute with melting off unsightly and uncomfortable excess body fat. The oatmeal grain was prepared in advance with brown sugar, salt, and a boat-load of cinnamon plus raisins and nuts. By boat-load I mean one of those toy boats that holds about a tablespoon. Wouldn't want to exaggerate, now would I? The mixture was varied with coconut, trail mix, dried cranberries, and apple.

As I've said before but it's worth restating, the other two go-two meals that I can graze any time, and I have, for any amount without compunction and still drop body fat is fruit salad, which is just as great as anything you can find at the deli, and my beloved ceviche prepared with ginger lime, fennel and garlic, and nearly as great as sushimi, which is impractical because it can not be prepared in advance and stored. All the other meals are documented, even photographed. I tended to cut back on red meat, although I didn't avoid it altogether because that would be ridiculous and no fun a'toll, and I even indulged pasta on a few occasions, bread that I made at home, cupcakes which I call ferChrist'ssakechocolatecupcakes in the shape of kittens, extra icing even without any cupcake underneath them, pudding, jello, and the inexcusable home-made marshmallows which are nearly 99% sugar. Which all proves you don't have to commit yourself to some Godforsaken unbearable unhappy regimen just to shed stored body fat. I'm ashamed to admit my exercise hasn't much increased or improved.

I still have a little more excessive unsightly body fat to melt off, but progress is obvious. My actual weight has changed very little from a high of 170LBS to just under 160 LBS presently. Until recently my narrow ass has generally held steady at 150 LBS. For my height, that's considered frail and too thin.

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