raw milk cheese

So I'm scanning the cheese cabinet, not the main cheese cabinet, but rather the supplemental cheese cabinet used to hold the non-exotics, and with an open mind, I'm reading labels looking specifically for "raw milk," and pretty much up for anything for experimentation purposes. I saw this, marked cheddar but it was in a tub. This did not comport with my concept of cheddar. I mean, com'on, spreadable cheddar? Honestly, why not just call it something else? Why confuse us poor bemused shoppers this way by taking such license with conflating nomenclature? I do not have the answers to these probing questions. I was finally convinced by the precocious cow. This turned out to be one of my favorite cheeses. You can definitely taste the cow but it's not the slightest off-putting, and I'll be certain to look for it again. From Wisconsin, which is darn near local.

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