Gardiner's lesson IX §110-§115

§110. Demonstratives

§111. Construction of the demonstratives. Epithets. As subjects with nominal predicate

§112. Meaning of demonstratives. This. Curious vocatives. That yonder, this here. Stress on disgust or admiration. Weak demonstratives. Definite articles

§113. Equivalents of English possessive adjectives. Derived demonstratives - possessive adjectives. My, thy. 1st, 2nd pers. sing. 3rd pers. sing. or plur. Thereof, thereto. Mine, thine.

§114. Expressing Possession. Rules governing sentences with adverbial predicate. When subject is pronoun. Belongs to me, I am owner of.

§115. Existential sentences to convey ownership.

Here are the examples given within those discussions, completely jumbled, because would you have it any other way?


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