2nd page construction, grasshopper pop-up card

This leaf was not used ↑.  There are six such leaves of varying shapes and lengths. Only two were colored. 

Finally I arrived at the shape I wanted ↓ that would flip the leaf off the card nearly entirely and at the right angle and still hold a grasshopper that would fit inside the card when it was closed. I went through quite a lot of card stock until I found the shape I was satisfied with. 

After all that, the tip still needed to be trimmed. 

One side of front and middle legs. The card stock is doubled so all four legs are cut at once, two identical sets. They must be drawn and colored on each side so that's eight legs drawn and colored. This was done for three trials, so that's a lot of bug legs.

This is the key ↓ to what makes the legs work with the wings. It's a wonderful design with near limitless applications. It's one way to get butterfly wings to open with the card. 

A speck of glue holds on each leg. 

Once the legs are attached to the bug's body then the points on the leaf can be located and tiny tabs provided. 

All four legs glued to the tabs ↑ in the card closed position. 

Fascinatin' init. 

Now that the front four legs are attached to the bug and to the leaf, and the bug with its legs and its legs/wings mechanism  works with the leaf, then the hind legs can be attached. The hind legs aren't even drawn yet. They must not interfere with the wings that are yet to come. The hind legs are much larger than the front legs they are the distinguishing feature of grasshoppers. They can be drawn to be folded nearly shut as if ready to pounce or they can be drawn fully extended or anywhere in between. they can be attached to the leaf, or they can be provided with joints that actually work and be attached to the card, they can be parallel or they can be different as if the bug is having difficulty finding footholds. At any rate, their points of attachment are determined before the legs are drawn and colored and cut. 

I debated on the weight of paper to use for the wings. I decided on heavier card stock to encourage them to flop down and help spread. I'm still not positive I made the right decision. The tiny X mechanism will be expected to force them closed. 

The wings must fit inside the card. 

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