All this frustration.  I can't meet all my desires.

Strange conversation. Self control has just expired.

All an illusion. Only in my head you don't exist.

Who are you foolin'?  Don't need a shrink but an exorcist. 

The first few lines of the song "Born of Frustration" sung by James. written by Scarto and Piero


Le'ssee, um, I do "frustration" with one tap to the chin and wiggle my fingers, like thud with the back of the hand, wiggle wiggle, it looks frustrating. "Desires" is "want," and it looks desirous. 

"Has just expired" is an English past perfect locution, so choices here, is the emphasis on past? no? Emphasis on immediacy? Yes. It just now happened, recently occurred, I can pick "happen," or "finish," as "done," anything to convey the idea of "recently done" 

"Expired" is "died." Again, it could be "finished." The idea cloud is around "elapsed."  Not necessarily mortally dead. He can get self-control back.

I would do "illusion" as "imagine" or a floating off "idea" a twirling "i" lifting off at the forehead. I could use "visualization," "fantasy," "dream," "pretend,"  all formed in that same area of the head. You could work out a pantomime conveying a "mirage."

Finally, I tend to do "fool" by cranking an "f" around my nose. This sample is a bit too similar to "attack" for me,  "shrink" could have shown actual concept of shrinking but "psychologist" is used instead, that would be fun to change. Exorcist is "devil"+"rid"+"agent ("er" personification)," but it could have contained an element for "ritual" and "preacher," or "clergy," anything to avoid spelling it. Because that takes all the fun out of everything and make you feel like such a LOSER. 

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