Perception is reality. So if we just control perception, reality disappears

First portion of a line in a post on Protein Wisdom, "This is what a faculty lounge presidency looks like."

or rather, adheres to the perception we impose on it.


"Or rather" is English, I do a shuffle offering back and forth, almost like "exchange" the idea,  not the English words "or" and "rather" 

The sign "adheres" is more like the English "follows" and that is okay. What is needed is something that gloms on, so that is what I would do. There is also "sticky" and "glue." 

No actual word for impose, but ASL "force" is like pushing somebody's head under water, and I really like that. That kind of personal force, there is another kind of force that is more akin to English "power." Also muscle. There is "make" and there is "convince" and there is "push" Elements of all that are in the English word "compel."  It is very easy to pantomime someone being pushy with both hands. 

I do the word "we" using a "W" and I'm not so broadly inclusive as this. I might start using this one. I differentiate between "we" and "us" Using "W" and "U" and that shows my idiosyncratic signs include a good deal of SEE, I approach ASL from English, and it shows. Also, my "I" places the letter "I," on my chest and that is what I see, not a point to my own chest, although I do see that too. 

But I would not say this sentence in ASL. If I would attempt to convey the same or similar idea then I would be clearer than this. I'd leave off the word's "on it" because that is inherent in the action of forcing a new reality by forcing a change in perception. 

I'd say, "manage perception, alter shift reality change glom onto new, SO (I have a word for this two S's banging across each other like a nick or a grind) new reality follows, comports + (same same Y-Y boink-boink ) force perception. "  I would use these signs and signals to act it out. To show perception changing reality. I'd use horse blinders, attention diverters, and I'd add a landscape to the word "real" for visual space representing reality, not the English word, "real." 

"Disappear" is one of my favorite words and so is "vanish."

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